Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sirloin stir fry with snap peas and ginger

By special request of Ashley Stout....
This is Afton's absolute favorite dinner. She loves de-stringing the peas for me, grating the fresh ginger, squeezing the lime juice. Great dinner for kids to help cook. It is fresh tasting, lots of textures and flavors. A keeper for the recipe box. IT CUTS THE MUSTARD.

First of all, have a double batch of jasmine rice cookin'. Don't you dare use minute rice.

1 lb sirloin steak
1tbsp cornstarch
veg oil
12 oz snap peas (de-stringed if you have it in you)
5-6 green onions, chopped whites and greens separated
1 tbsp peeled, grated ginger
sprinkle of red pepper flakes
juice of one lime (don't you dare use bottled lime juice)

1. Cut steak into 2 to 3 inch stirps and sprinkle with cornstarch in a bowl. Season with s&p, stir. Heat oil in skillet and cook half the meat til brown on one side. 1 to 2 minutes tops. Seriously, leave it mostly raw. Trust me. Transfer to a plate and repeat.

2. Then cook snap peas, white part of onions, ginger and pepper flakes and 3/4 cup water til peas are bright green 1 to 2 minutes. Return steak to skillet with juices and cook til done 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from heat and mix in green part of onions, and lime juice. Serve over rice.

Chef's notes:
Don't panic about using fresh ginger! It's easy to find at any produce section. It looks like a flat lumpy potato with lumpy arms and legs and smells so good! Just break off an apricot sized hunk and put it in a produce bag. No biggie! You can also find bags of snap peas right there in the produce section. Enjoy!

Also, I only make this when I pricematch the sirloin at Walmart. What is pricematching you say? You bring in the sale ad from any mainstream supermarket, even sunflower market and they will match the price. Vons and Albertson's always have great deals on sirloin. I've gotten it for 2.50/lb several times.

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